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Xenph Yan

Feel the rejection.

Name: Christopher Beckett.
Gender: Male, mostly.
Age: 20, 29th Jan 1985.
Location: Wobblegong, Australia.

Marital status: Attached, to krissy_girl
Occupation: Systems Administrator.
Describe yourself: Skinny white boi.
Drugs used: Pot, twice. I know I'm a lightweight.
Sexuality: Bisexual, and to anyone who thinks this isn't a sexuallity. Fuck you.
Interests: Computers and krissy_girl.
Hobbies: Archery, rockclimbing and web/DB programming.

Drugs: To each their own.
Homosexuality: Rock on!
Anal Sex: Been there done that, t'was ok I guess.
Addicts: We are all addicts to something.
Religion: I dislike organised religion... Just a pet hate.
Politics: I try VERY hard to not pay attention to it.
Society: If they bother me, I'll bother them back.

Alcoholic Drink: Tequila.
Drug: krissy_girl.
Color(s): Purple.
Movies: My Girl.
Music: The Dresden Dolls
Books: Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash.
Quote: "Just kill yourself and save me the trouble" - Me to myself at the time.

A Reject is...(in your own words): Me, you... pretty much everyone is rejected by someone else.
What makes you a reject: I communicate with people better over the internet, then in person.
Why should we accept you?: Because I'll stop sleeping with Krissy if you don't. :P And TRUST me you don't want an under-sexed krissy on yo' arse!

How did you find us?: Pillow talk... ;P
Promote 'Rejectz' and give us two links for proof: I don't spam :P, so all you'll get from me is a link on my LJ.

Post At least 3 Pictures of you...(these can include doing things illegal =P):

Me, in make-up... Only eyeliner, but whatever
Me, in make-up... Only eyeliner, but whatever.
Me and krissy_girl
Me and krissy_girl.
Me and krissy_girl again, but but of us are in make-up, and looking to score
Me and krissy_girl again, but but of us are in make-up, and looking to score. :D

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